Software Development

Customized Software to Suit Your Requirements

We at Rouhani create diverse, complex web and mobile applications to meet the challenges of emerging technologies. The Engineers of Rouhani create secure and scalable solutions that fit your business needs.

Our Corporate ERP is a smart Web-based ERP solution primarily designed for Micro and Small enterprises looking for a cost-effective solution that can enable them to quickly move away from current manual processes to a fully integrated business solution.

Human Resource

  • HRD Module - Keeps information of all the employees along with their personal details.
  • Recruitment module - It takes the entire recruitment process online saving thousands.
  • Attendance & Leave Module - Keeps track of the attendance of the employees using a biometric scan process and uploads the data to the cloud server along with the leave details process of the employees.
  • Human Resource


  • Sales & Marketing Module - A dedicated module for the sales team to check for the targets and achievements and smoothen the entire process flow.
  • ERP Distribution Module - Online Job distribution process to ease the manual process.
  • ERP Business Intelligence - The visualization is done based on the available data to give deeper insights into your data.
  • Business

    Project Management

  • Project Portfolio Management - The entire project management system along with workload distribution can be handled online using this module.
  • Performance Evolution Module - The performance of the employee in each quarter can be evaluated based on parameters and the results can be calculated and monitored online.
  • Timesheet Module - The timesheet module keeps track of all the allocated hours of work the workload and number of man-hours spent on each project and the resources allocated.
  • Project Management

    Finance Modules

  • ERP payroll module - The payroll module will make the entire payroll process online with minimum manual calculations.
  • Reimbursement Module - The travel reimbursement module will help to save costs and keep track of all funds allocated for these purposes.
  • Vendor Payment Module - The payment module will help you to keep track of all the cash outflow for this purpose.
  • Finance Modules

    Supply Chain Management

  • Purchasing module - The entire process will be online where you have to request for requisition.
  • Logistics module - Related to the purchase module it keeps track of all your logistics data.
  • Warehousing module - The robust inventory system will keep track of all the purchased items present in stock as well as the warehouse.
  • Supply Chain Management


  • Service Desk Module - The online complaint module will help to erase the confusion of calling for a specific purpose. Integrated with the facility complaint under different categories along with computer and IT complaints it helps to serve the employees better.
  • Traveling Module - The travel plan and all the related info and documents will be online to maintain transparency and smooth the cash flow as well as the travel process for any official purpose.
  • Document Module - The related company documents or rule books or any documents that can be shared amongst the employees can be uploaded online so that to check for common documents the concerned persons can do that online.
  • Others