Supply Chain Management

The backbone of Global Village

The Concept

The concept of a “Global Village” or “One world” stands upon a backbone called “The Supply Chain”. A supply chain is essentially the system of transferring a product, any product, from its producer to the consumer – and all the steps in between. The inclusion of different entities carrying out different steps, movements in multiple modes of transport, crossing multiple international borders and different laws makes the process extremely complex and diverse.

The Challenge

The greatest challenge, however, is to keep track of a particular product through this entire chain. Once a container is booked to load it from the warehouse of the producer/manufacturer, which itself requires a suitable size and shape of the container, the cargo moves to the port through the sellers, forwarders and then to the shippers, after passing through the customs and port authorities. The shipper then transports it by water or air; through intermediary ports, it finally reaches the destination port. The Cargo is then unloaded, gets clearance on freight, customs and other financial liabilities and then picked up by local transporters to be delivered to the buyer’s warehouse. Without any further unseen complexity, this entire process takes nearly 7 to 50 days, depending upon the distance travelled, shipping line services, weather conditions, Cargo fragility and many other factors. An end-to-end tracking of these containers throughout these journeys is difficult and complex, indeed.

The Solution

Rouhani Insights Pvt. Ltd., also known as SCM Data Insights, has been working with different aspects of Supply Chain Management and tracking systems since 2018 and has expertized in the tracking of containers, auditing of rates, processing and handling contracts, freight forwarding, booking process, Rollover tracking and many such other things. Our SMEs provide a solution with minimum input to get the desired output. With our holistic systems, you can book your container and get it delivered to your destination, hassle-free. Get the correct rates, go for new contracts, track your cargo anytime, anywhere, save revenue and time, and build customer relationships. The ultimate solution for your export issues.